December 15, 2009

Forget about Matsui, and Cameron too

After watching the Red Sox pick up John Lackey yesterday, Yankees fans might be thinking it’s time to bolster the offense. Well, with Hideki Matsui agreeing to sign with the Angels and Mike Cameron agreeing with the Red Sox, there goes two players the Yankees may have been thinking about picking up.

Like my post on Roy Halladay and John Lackey, I’ll break down the deals from the Yankees POV.

matsui mvp Matsui deal:
Sayonara! The reigning World Series MVP is on his way to the west coast. Matsui served seven seasons with the Yankees — two of which shortened considerably due to injury — but most of the time was a consistent bat in the middle of a high-powered lineup.

I knew he was a goner, but now that he is gone, I miss him. He was always great against the Sox and he carried the team during his hot streaks. The fact is, his knees have been wearing down to the point where he can’t even play the field anymore. He clogs the DH spot

He’ll get $6.5 million to play one year with the Angels and will replace Vladimir Guerrero as their old, injury-prone DH. I wish him the best of luck out there, just as long as he doesn’t kill the Yankees next year. Oh, and he will definitely receive a HUGE standing ovation when he is first expected back in the Bronx on April 13.

Cameron deal:
It pretty much puts the Red Sox out of the hunt for Matt Holliday and Jason Bay (thank god). Now they’ll have Cameron in left, Jacoby Ellsbury in center and J.D. Drew in right. If the Yankees sign Holliday, Bay or Johnny Damon, I say the Yankees easily have the better outfield.

The Yankees have coveted Cameron for I don’t even know how long, and I’ve never really understood it. Yes, he’s got great D, but I wouldn’t spend $15.5 million over two years for a career .250 hitter at 37 years old. I’d much rather have a developing Melky Cabrera and Damon as part-time LF/DH.

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