December 15, 2009

Mixed reactions on Red Sox rotation (With Sheets update)

I asked my twitter followers if they were worried about a Red Sox rotation of Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and John Lackey, and I surprisingly heard two sides to what I thought was a one-sided point.

MattLorenzo – Its the best in baseball.

5States – I think they’ll be pretty good, but I can’t say I’m super worried or scared.

yankee32879 – uhmm no.

ryan_kantor - Lackey is 31 and has declined over hte past 3 years. Cameron is a huge downgrade from Bay. We still need a SP & a RP though.

Legendary23 - NO. absolutely NOT. we hit beckett 287..Lester...287..and Lackey no ...not worried at all

I thought for sure more people would have agreed with MattLorenzo. None of them are coming off particularly great years, but they all can pitch.

So maybe the Yankees don’t need to upgrade their rotation?

Well, this just in from Ken_Rosenthal’s twitter feed.

Source: #Yankees "very interested" in Sheets, but believe he is in no rush to sign.

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