December 13, 2009

Last call for Wang jokes

Chien-Ming Wang was officially not tendered a contract last night. Brian Cashman called it a tough decision to let go of the near-Cy Young winner from 2007.

“There’s no doubt that we had to make a tough decision,” Cashman said. “We are still hopeful that our relationship can continue, but those decisions are yet to be made.”

As of right now, Wang and the Yankees have no affiliation with each other. It’s still possible the Yankees bring him back as a free agent, but unlikely if they weren’t willing to offer just $4 million to him. Sergio Mitre, Melky Cabrera and Chad Gaudin were all tendered contracts, according to RAB’s Mike Axisa.

So, if you have any last words for Wang, feel free to post them in the comments section.

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