December 14, 2009

Yankees eyeing Sheets, Duchscherer

Mark Feinsand is reporting Brian Cashman is looking into picking up one more starter — namely Ben Sheets or Justin Duchscherer — to allow him to move either Joba Chamberlain or Phil Hughes back to the bullpen.

In regards to my poll, I believe the Yankees first order of business is picking up another starter. However, I think they definitely will add an outfielder/DH as well — whether it’s Johnny Damon or someone of a lesser caliber.

Bottom line, I think the Yankees will spend $10MM on both either a starter or a hitter. Here are the top candidates for both sides:

Top Pitchers Top Hitters
Roy Halladay Johnny Damon
John Lackey Hideki Matsui
Ben Sheets Jason Bay
Justin Duchscherer Mark DeRosa

Pick one of those eight. Now pick one from the other category from these eight:

Mediocre Pitchers Mediocre Hitters
Jason Marquis Mike Cameron
Pedro Martinez Nick Johnson
Vicente Padilla Jack Cust
Aroldis Chapman Jim Thome

Some of those names mentioned were just my speculation, but most have been linked to the Yankees. My reasoning behind pick one from each table is that the Yankees are trying to cut back on payroll this year, apparently, so there’s no way they could afford to sign two $10MM+ contract guys.

Anyone have another name the Yankees should buy into?

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