December 14, 2009

You call yourself a Yankees fan? Answer me this…

I was just checking out Rob Neyer’s top 100 players of “the 0’s” and I stumbled upon an awesome Yankees trivia question. By the way, Neyer ranks Alex Rodriguez second (behind Pujols) and Derek Jeter fourth (behind Bonds).

So here it is: What two pitchers of the 0’s struck out over 2,000 batters?

Hint: Both pitched for the Yankees at some point in the decade.

I’ll reveal the answer in this post at 1 p.m. tomorrow, sharp. Post your answers in the comments. The answer can be found in the details of Neyer’s post if you just can’t wait ‘til tomorrow.

And no, Roger Clemens did not strike out 2,000 in the 0’s.

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