January 16, 2010

Back to school + Yankees tidbits

Winter break has finally come to an end and today I'm headed back to Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn.

I'll be quite busy getting situated back at school over the next few days which most likely means less posting.

But it's not like I'm missing out on a busy part of the year. In fact, this is the slowest time of year in terms of Yankees news. Once pitchers and catchers report to spring training on Feb. 17, expect the news to pick up quickly.

I have three morning/early afternoon classes Monday through Thursday, and two night courses on Monday, through Wednesday nights. Meaning, my typical post plan is a scheduled morning post (9 a.m.), a mid-afternoon post (3-4 p.m.) and then a game recap (10-11 p.m.).

Final exams finish up sometime in the second week of May, leaving me about a month into the season. Just keeping you informed.

Speaking of informing you...
Big whoop. All the Yankees have left to do this offseason is fill out their bench and figure out what to do with the Sergio Mitre/Chad Gaudin situation. If you had to pick three weeks out of the whole year not to read my blog, these ones upcoming would be them. But if you choose to keep coming back, I'll find ways to keep things entertaining.

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