January 3, 2010

Can A-Rod avoid the hot seat in 2010?

arod3As you may have heard, Alex Rodriguez will play in 2010 without his girlfriend cheering in the stands. Kate Hudson may have dumped A-Rod for still being interested in Madonna, but who cares. Does anyone think Hudson really helped A-Rod in 2010?

If anything, it’s one less distraction for him with the New York media, which leads me to my new poll on the left pane. Last year, A-Rod dealt with Selena Roberts’s report of steroid use, went through a memorable interview with Peter Gammons and overcame an injury causing him to miss all of April. Not only did he stay below the radar, but also posted his 12th straight year of 30 homers and 100 runs batted in.

What dirt is left to find on A-Rod’s record? Will anything prevent him from continuing his run at the all-time home run record? Vote now!

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