January 24, 2010

Cashman denies Damon deadline rumors

After Jon Heyman reported yesterday Brian Cashman set a deadline for Johnny Damon to respond to his low deal, Mike Puma of the NY Post reported today Cashman denied setting a deadline on the negotiations.

"There is no deadline," Cashman said. "We'll spend when we feel comfortable."

In a text message to The Post, Damon indicated he was vacationing and not aware of a deadline. More likely, Boras gave the Yankees a deadline of this weekend to make their final offer.

The offer, if any, is expected to be for one year and under $5 million — maybe as low as $2 million because of the Yankees’ low budget.

Does Damon have too much pride to turn down any offer less than what he thinks he’s worth? I think yes, meaning he’ll do what Kepner suggested.

Also, check out this long, but funny satire piece.

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