January 7, 2010

Expect changes in baseball next week

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig will be meeting with the Special Committee for On-Field Matters for the first time next Tuesday. The meetings will last through Thursday, when GMs and owners of all 30 teams are invited to attend.

So what's on the agenda?
"The committee will review and make recommendations on all aspects of the game on the field, from scheduling, to playoff formats, to umpiring, to pace of game, to instant replay and other appropriate issues," said Selig.
The article also said the designated hitter rule could be examined. Interesting.

If Selig and this committee have a lot to discuss, so do we. Since I don't expect a long list of changes for baseball, I'll ask you to pick which issue you feel strongest about.

I feel strongest about instant replay. As a purist, I feel instant replay should not advance any further than it already has with boundary calls. Fair/foul calls under review wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but calls on the bases and balls and strikes must remain pure.

I know how tough it is when a clearly incorrect call goes against your team, but it was an absolute disgrace for ballparks to show up the umps on jumbotrons (like we saw in the playoffs). There shouldn't have to be a rule against this, as teams should know how to be professional and courteous to the umpires.

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