January 6, 2010

Damon's days in pinstripes appear to be numbered

Brian Cashman said (via LoHud):
“I don’t need a left-handed bat for the outfield,” Cashman said.
Well, that wasn't as definitive as I was hoping for, but it doesn't look good for a return to New York for Johnny Damon. For more convincing Cashman quotes, click here.

Jon Heyman says the Yankees won't offer more than $6 million for a one-year deal. I say, boo-hoo, Damon. He should be happy the Yankees are willing to offer that much after he rejected a more-than-reasonable two-year, $20 million deal.

Remember, I had said all year the Yankees should let go of Hideki Matsui and sign Damon. But after Cashman traded for Curtis Granderson, I saw no point to retaining Damon. The team is already built to repeat as champs, and any leftover money should go to touching up the bullpen and bench. That's it. I guess it's time to redesign my blog's banner sans Damon. Any ideas for images to use can be sent to me here or posted in the comments.

On an unrelated note, the Yankees are bringing back an identical coaching staff from its winning ways of 2009. Good to hear.

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