January 2, 2010

lenNY’s Yankees Top 5 Posts of 2009

I was looking at my most visited pages of 2009 and was pretty surprised with the top 5. So here they are, thanks to you followers:

1. Video: Blue Jays & Yankees fight between Posada and Carlson

The bench-clearing brawl took place on Sept. 16. Unfortunately, the video was taken down by MLB Advanced Media. Jorge Posada and Jesse Carlson were the only two ejected.

2. Yes, a Yankees Snuggie exists 
yankees snuggie I still get a few hits a day to this post, and tons more around Christmas time. Apparently, the snuggie shown in the picture is sold out and all they have now is the 2009 World Series Champions one. Oh well.

3. Hideki Matsui World Series MVP!
matsui mvp

It always helps to be linked from a foreign country that worships Hideki Matsui. The Yankees and my blog will lose a lot of the foreign market with Matsui signing with the Angels.

4. Roy Halladay rumors to Yankees are serious
This post came on July 7, so a few weeks before the trade deadline. Once Ken Rosenthal said he was available and Jon Heyman noted the Yankees and Phillies as early frontrunners, it was time to post. However, Roy Halladay wasn’t traded until the Winter Meetings, and he went to the Phillies.

5. Video: Yankees-Marlins fans fight in the stands (With Update)

Another fight! Man, I’m going to have to post all the baseball fights next year. I think this video was far more entertaining than the Posada-Carlson brawl.

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