February 12, 2010

Two things that might excite you

I linked to this Bob Klapisch article before, but I didn’t see this nifty photo of Albert Pujols in pinstripes.


Looks good to me.

Speaking of first basemen… Jesus Montero, the Yankees’ highly-touted catching prospect, worked out at first in a workout on Thursday.

"I want to be a catcher in the big leagues, but this may help me get to the big leagues faster," he said.

Good to hear. If Montero is as big a prospect as everyone is saying, it’s nice to hear a willing-to-do-anything attitude like that.

From the sounds of those who have seen this kid play behind the plate, he sounds like he’s a quick learner. His strong arm threw out 32 percent of base stealers in Trenton after he started out the year in Tampa throwing out just 13 percent of runners.

He is projected to start the year in Scranton, but an injury to Jorge Posada or Francisco Cervelli or maybe a really impressive spring could give him a bid to the bigs.

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