March 24, 2010

Edwar an Athletic & changes to LCS

When Edwar Ramirez was traded to the Rangers earlier this month, I predicted he would get rocked in Texas. Fortunately for him, he won’t have the chance — on a regular basis, at least.

The Oakland A’s acquired Ramirez today for infielder Gregorio Petit, according to the San Francisco Chronicle (h/t MLBTR).

So now Ramirez will get a shot in a pitchers’ ballpark!

Prediction: He’ll still get rocked.

In other news… Tyler Kepner reports a minor change to the scheduling of the League Championship Series this year. The change: no off day between Games 4 and 5.

Shortening the series by a game may force teams to start their fourth starter, which the Yankees are now prepared for (assuming Javier Vazquez doesn’t pull a Carl Pavano).

Do you think MLB changed the rules to avoid teams, like the Yankees last year, sweeping through the postseason with only three starters?

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