March 24, 2010

It’s official: Granderson to play center

According to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, Curtis Granderson — not Brett Gardner — will be the starting center fielder in 2010.

Thrre things that make sense about this move:

  1. For Gardner to take over in center, he would’ve had to convince the Yankees he was far superior, which he is not. Why?
  2. Because Granderson was the top acquisition of the offseason, and it’s very important for him to feel comfortable. The Yankees didn’t notice a wide gap in the defense, so they kept Granderson in center.
  3. Let’s say the Yankees went the other way and put Gardner in center. Then, Gardner loses his job due to awful hitting. That would result in switching Granderson back to center, which isn’t very easy on a guy who should be playing in the same spot every day.

    Granderson’s job in center is secure, and the only reason he won’t be out there is an injury.

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