March 23, 2010

A-Rod to speak with investigators Friday, ESPN New York to launch April 2

Two interesting news items for Tuesday: (I originally wrote “Wednesday” because I’m losing track of what day it is. I’m kind of overwhelmed right now.):

  1. Alex Rodriguez will meet with federal investigators in Buffalo on Friday to discuss his ties with Tony Galea. The Canadian sports physician faces four drug charges. A-Rod is considered a witness in the case, according to the Daily News.

    So far this spring, this news surrounding A-Rod is the only negative. Last year, there were significant injuries and a gigantic drug scandal. This has been an extremely quiet spring for the Yankees, but let’s hope they don’t sleep through April!
  2. My sports reporting professor brought in a guest lecturer for today’s class. His name is Patrick Stiegman, VP/Executive Editor & Producer of Stiegman announced ESPN New York will launch April 2, just two days before the Yankees-Red Sox Sunday night game.

    New York will be ESPN’s fifth city with its own site, joining Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. These sites do an excellent job covering the teams, and I’m looking forward to following this season along with ESPN New York.

    I know the Mets main reporter for ESPN New York will be Adam Rubin (via The ‘Ropolitans), but I have no idea who they’ll get to cover the Yankees. My top candidate: Mark Feinsand of the Daily News.

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