March 5, 2010

Quick summary of Webcast

I touched on a lot of important topics in yesterday’s Webcast, and I wanted to reiterate a few of the major points I made.

Granderson/Johnson: Don’t expect Curtis Granderson and Nick Johnson to make up for all the lost production of Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon. The two lost couldn’t play defense anymore, but they certainly could hit.

Johnson’s health: Already a concern in camp. Joe Girardi is being cautious with him, as he should, but you hate to see a back issue after a few innings of work. Remember, Johnson will be a full-time DH for the first time in his career this season. Maybe that will keep him healthy.

Jeter/Rivera: Both all-time Yankees. But should the Yankees give Jeter six years like Jon Heyman brought up yesterday? I really am mad the Yankees won’t re-sign both them now. There’s no reason to let them become free agents. Neither will play for any other team in their careers (I’ll take up any bets countering that).

Watch out for the Orioles: Expect my full division breakdown sometime next week (spring break for me). The Orioles are my dark horse this year. Nobody’s really talked about them, but they made a lot of moves this offseason (and they weren’t selling!).

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