March 3, 2010

Touching on team chemistry, again

I’ve spoke on team chemistry before, and after yesterday’s Yankee Olympics, I felt now was a good time to bring it up again.

This was the second year in a row Joe Girardi brought his team out like this. Last year it was pool (Mariano Rivera owned). This year it was Indy Car racing video games, Skee ball, and Pop-a-shot. Check out the article I linked to for the winners (you’d be surprised!).

When I brought up team chemistry last year, a lot of people told me that it really doesn’t make that much of an impact on a team. Well, I don’t think Girardi believes that.

Last year, the Yankees ended nearly a decade-long drought without a World Series win. Some say it was a loaded team that had no excuse to lose the World Series. But others, including me, say that last year’s team was special, which is a vital ingredient for champions.

So was last year’s team special because of that pool event? Or was it Nick Swisher and Johnny Damon screwing around in the clubhouse all season? I think a combination of both.

I say, yesterday’s field trip did a lot more good than bad for this team. It’s the perfect icebreaker. Plus, Mark Teixeira agrees with me. And he’s Mr. Perfect.

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