April 7, 2010

1962 Yankees Featured Card of the Week

Unreal, I know. This 1962 New York Yankees team card, along with 27 others from the same era, were handed down to me from my dad’s good friend Neil Wernick a couple weeks ago. A huge thanks to Neil that cannot be expressed in words for passing these down to me.

And if you’re excited over this card, just wait until the finale! (I predict that will come on Oct. 20.)

The back of the card, a 1963 Topps, lists the batting and pitching leaders, and each pitchers’ record against each team (below).
I’m extremely excited to show off the rest of my new collection this season on the blog. Expect a new card every Wednesday morning. (New poll and poll results still come on Mondays.)

Thanks again, Neil!

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