April 18, 2010

Live Tweets from Yankee Stadium

This didn’t work when I was at Fenway for some reason. Hopefully I fixed the problem this time around.

UPDATE: So I guess it didn’t work again. No idea why. Here were my tweets from the game (posted in reverse order).
  1. Perfect.
  2. Haha. A fan: "no bunting"
  3. Enter Sandman is playing.
  4. Sorry Gardy, but that's no hit in my book.
  5. Gardner always makes me wanna tweet.
  6. Seven steals for Brett the Jet. He's on pace for 95ish this season.
  7. They just showed "Grand" Tanyon Sturtze.
  8. Is he serious?
  9. Ramiro "The Hero" Pena (via Yankee Stadium)
  10. @Fletch788 called it!!
  11. I wonder who leads the league in taking called third strikes?#nickjohnson
  12. I like the speed combo right now.
  13. That's six steals for Brett the Jet this year. He's on pace for 81.
  14. That won't stop him from stealing on you, Hard-on. Oh, it's a party in the U.S.A too.
  15. I don't know whether Swisher fielded that ball or not because I can't see from my seat in the bleachers.
  16. Staff member jokingly asked for money in exchange for a ball. As if seeing a game isn't expensive enough!
  17. No Jeter! Damn it @Fletch788
  18. Tweeting live from Yankee Stadium today!

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