April 12, 2010

Poll Results: Cano iffy for MVP

poll results18The results for the latest poll were pretty scattered. Fans couldn’t agree on whether Robinson Cano should be considered a preseason MVP candidate.

Coincidentally, Cano was in the news recently about earning an MVP award. This is what Alex Rodriguez told him on Friday.

“I told Robby he's no kid anymore, he's closer to 30 than 20,” Rodriguez said of the 27-year-old second baseman. "At this point in his career, with his talent, he should have one MVP (award), maybe two.

”The thing is, on any other team he would THE guy, but here, he's surrounded by a lot of talent. I said, 'Don't let that hold you back. It's time to go get it.' We've all said the same thing to him. I think Robby gets that. I think Robbie's finally maturing.”

I definitely think he will receive votes like he did last year, but I still think Evan Longoria is your 2010 AL MVP.

Next poll: Starts for Phil Hughes in 2010?

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