April 26, 2010

Poll Results: Win record not in jeopardy

poll results20Fans don’t expect the Yankees to break the 116-win record set by the Mariners in 2001, but half predicted they’d come close. The other half wasn’t as hopeful.

At one point this past week, the Yankees were on pace to win 127 games. After finally losing a series over the weekend, the Yanks are currently on pace for a 108-54 season. Still not quite down to earth yet, but certainly more likely than 127.

Honestly, if Javier Vazquez was having a year like he did last year with the Braves I think the Yankees would have had a realistic shot at breaking the Mariners’ record. He has half of the team’s losses and it’s almost May.

That segues nicely into this week’s poll question…

Next poll: Predict Vazquez’s final 2010 ERA.

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