April 8, 2010

Sterling’s Granderson call [Audio]

John Sterling got some good practice on his Curtis Granderson home run call in the opening series against the Red Sox.

A quick recap: Sterling followed Granderson’s first dinger with “Something sort of Grandish!” And after last night’s game-winner, he repeated his Broadway play reference and then sang “The Grandy Man can!”

We visited this topic before the season and heard some interesting ideas. “The Grandy Man can” was on that list.

I’m glad Sterling has continued his tradition of using two calls for players, but I’d prefer if he used one of our suggestions instead of “Something sort of grandish.” Below are some of his calls for players that he has two.

  • Alex Rodriguez - “An A-Bomb from A-Rod” & “Alexander the Great conquers again”
  • Nick Swisher - “St. Nick” & “Swishalicious”
  • Hideki Matsui (unconfirmed whether he’ll use either call since he’s on the Angels now) - “Thrilla by Godzilla” & “The Sayonara kid”

Please, let me know if I’m forgetting any.

Of course, be sure to check out It is High, it is Far, it is… caught for more Sterling calls, especially their latest video.

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