December 8, 2009

Every new Yankee comes with…

A John Sterling home run call.

Fans can start getting used to hearing the name “Curtis Granderson,” because if he stays with the Yankees until the end of his contract, he won’t be gone until 2012 at the earliest.

So I ask you, what’s the call?

Rebecca over at This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes has already posted a few ideas being thrown around (“A Granderslam,” “A Grand Slam for Granderson,” “A Dandy from Grandy,” “Curtis-y Call”).

My vote goes to “A Granderslam.”

Other possibilities:

  • “Oh how grand! A homer for Granderson!”
  • “The Grandy man can” – Fletch
  • “All the way to GRAND Central, a homer for Granderson!” - Hersch
  • “All the way to the GRAND Canyon, a homer for Granderson!”
  • “He’s worth nothing short of a grand, that Granderson”

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