May 31, 2010

Poll Results: Cervelli’s future with Yankees

poll results24 Of all the great catchers in the Yankees organization, fans have voted Francisco Cervelli, the only one currently with major league experience, the catcher who has a long future ahead with the Yankees, securing 50 percent of the vote.

Notables following Cervelli in the polls were Jesus Montero (23 percent) and Austin Romine (20 percent). Just four percent voted none of the Yankees catchers will have a long future with the team.

At this point in time it may seem like Cervelli is the future, but a simple background check might sway voters’ minds. Cervelli wasn’t even regarded as a top prospect when he was in the minors. Hitting under .250 with Trenton last year, Cervelli was the most qualified to be called up when a third-string catcher was needed.

Montero and Romine are considered two of the top prospects in the organization. Some scouts believe Montero will wind up a first baseman or DH because of his below-average catching, but most will tell you his bat is major league ready and is comparable to Miguel Cabrera.

Montero is with Triple-A this year, hitting a mere .238/.315/.371. Romine is off to a flying start in Double-A with a line of .324/.383/.486.

Jorge Posada is 38 years old but is having one of his best years in the majors thus far. He is signed just through next year, but I wonder if he’ll get an extension to play solely as a DH/backup catcher. The Yankees already have plenty of coaches with catching experience. Just ask Tony Pena or Joe Girardi.

My vote went to Montero, as I can’t remember the last time the Yankees have had such a highly touted catching prospect. I have to be worried about his defense, but, then again, he’s only 20 years old and scouts say his arm has shown improvements already in 2010. The Yankees organization has plenty of guys to teach him the tricks of the trade to catching in the majors.

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