May 24, 2010

Poll Results: Granderson missed most

poll results23 The results in my latest poll were very definitive, showing Curtis Granderson is missed far more than Nick Johnson. Although I think Johnson’s value is underappreciated, I can certainly understand why fans miss Granderson.

When both were injured in a seven-day span, they were expected to return by early June. That estimate has changed.

Granderson should be back by the end of this week and Johnson was transferred to the 60-day DL and won’t return until July at the earliest.

Some fans wonder where Granderson will find himself in the lineup when he returns. Will it be in the two spot, or back to the bottom of the order? I think it depends on how the team fares this week against the Twins.

If Brett Gardner starts racking up those infield hits and stolen bases again like he did in April, he shouldn’t be going anywhere. But if he continues to stumble below a .300 BA, we might see Granderson take over.

Next poll: Which catcher has a long future ahead with the Yankees?

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