May 17, 2010

Poll Results: Still no respect for Braden

poll results22 Dallas Braden is living evidence that even a perfect game can’t dig you out of a hole you dug yourself in the media. In my latest poll, 63 percent of fans still do not have respect for him (and I’m sure his grandma too).

I sided with the fans. Braden pitched the 19th perfect game in baseball history. It’s a miraculous accomplishment, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t translate to fame. Don’t believe me? Fine. Ever heard of a guy named Len Barker? That’s what I thought.

He threw a perfect game in 1981.

Barker finished his career with less than 100 wins and an ERA higher than 4.00

Enough about Braden and the perfect game. There is an exciting week ahead upon us. The Yankees play the Red Sox, the Rays and the Mets all in one week!

New poll: Who do you miss more? Curtis Granderson or Nick Johnson?

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