May 3, 2010

Poll Results: Vazquez’s final ERA: 4.51

poll results21Javier Vazquez will finish 2010 with a 4.51 ERA, as voted by the fans. The number is derived from a weighted average of the 36 votes from the poll.

Currently, Vazquez’s ERA is more than double 4.51, sitting at 9.78. He is coming off a year with the Braves that he finished fourth in Cy Young voting with a 2.87 ERA.

I predict his ERA will end up around 5.00 (most voted). Vazquez and the Yankees claim it’s a mechanical problem that’s plaguing the No. 4 starter. Former MLB scout Frankie Piliere agrees, and believes he has the solution. I have trust in pitching coach Dave Eiland to correct this problem, however, I’m not willing to test out new mechanics against the Yankees’ biggest rivals.

Vazquez is in line to start Friday’s series opener with the Red Sox, but the Yankees have the option of simply skipping his spot in the rotation because of Thursday’s off day. With the way Phil Hughes pitched today, I think it’s a no-brainer to skip Vazquez. It’ll give him time to fix the “mechanical issue.”

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