May 27, 2010

Roy Oswalt to Yankees rumors likely false

Roy Oswalt wants out of Houston, but suitors have been hard to come by. The Yankees, who most feel are one of the few teams who could even afford his outrageous contract, are content with their starters, according to an official, which makes them unlikely to pursue Oswalt in a trade.

The Yankees should be content with their starters. Here’s a breakdown of the current rotation:

CC Sabathia: 4-3, 3.86
The ace of the staff has actually been the team’s worst pitcher as of late, turning in two rough outings in his last three starts. He hasn’t won since May 3, but was robbed of one on May 8.

A.J. Burnett: 5-2, 3.55
Burnett earned a win yesterday without even pitching! OK, it was a continuation from the day before when he threw five scoreless innings, but still, it was a pretty cool feat. He got roughed up against Tampa Bay and Boston this month, but he’s handled weaker offenses — the rest of the American League — without any difficulties.

Andy Pettitte: 6-1, 2.62
The 37-year-old Pettitte is pitching like a 27-year-old. He’s off to the best start of his career and is currently the team’s best pitcher. His only loss came to the Rays, the killer Rays, on May 20, but he’s only allowed three runs combined in his other three starts this month.

Javier Vazquez: 3-4, 6.69
A 6.69 ERA is atrocious, but it’s better than 9.78. Vazquez has earned wins in each of his last two appearances and has allowed just two runs in his last 13 1/3 innings. If he hadn’t pitched those quality efforts, he might not be in the rotation today. But he is, and he’s pitching tonight to try and complete the sweep of the Twins.

Phil Hughes: 5-1, 2.72
Not bad for a fifth starter, right? He was considered the AL Cy Young Award leader last week and remains in close contention for the honor. However, he has returned to reality in his past two starts against the Red Sox and Mets, as his ERA has nearly doubled from 1.38 to 2.72. Still, a sub-3 ERA isn’t too shabby for a fifth starter and a guy who could’ve started the year in the bullpen.

Not much room for Oswalt, is there?

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