June 26, 2010

Dodgers even series as Burnett’s struggles continue

The Dodgers took advantage of A.J. Burnett early, making for one of the longest, unexciting games of the year. The Dodgers won easily, 9-4, and Burnett was almost unbearable to watch.

Best of All: Mark Teixeira’s three-run homer in the first inning. It was the only positive moment of the game from the Yankees’ standpoint. His 13th of the year.

Worst of All: Burnett allowed six earned over three innings on six walks and six hits; he’s been the exact opposite of  CC Sabathia in June. He’s 0-4 with a 10.35 ERA. Burnett doesn’t consider pitching coach Dave Eiland’s absence an excuse, but I do.

Derek Jeter K’d three times on his birthday. He turned 36, by the way. But he did single, steal a base and score in the first inning.

Coming Up: Sunday night’s game should be a dandy now, right?

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