June 29, 2010

Mariners rock Hughes, Swisher’s 2 jacks fall short

Phil Hughes allowed seven runs (six earned) in a 7-4 loss to Cliff Lee and the Mariners. Nick Swisher launched two solo shots, but Lee went the distance for the second time in a row to secure the series opener.

Best of All: Swisher’s up to 13 dingers on the year now and is hitting .292/.372/.517.

Boone Logan and Chan Ho Park finished the last 3-1/3 innings with scoreless pitching. Not much else good in this one for the Yanks.

Worst of All: You have to wonder if the extended rest affected Hughes in this start. I think it did a little, but not enough to account for seven runs. It might’ve been the first time in his career starting on extra rest. But the fact is, Hughes has been a different pitcher in his last nine starts. Not awful, just not first-six-starts-of-the-year good.

Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez combined to go 1-for-8. That’s never good.

Coming Up: It doesn’t get much easier for the Yankees Wednesday. King Felix is on the mound.

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