June 28, 2010

Poll Results: Realignment not on fans’ minds

poll results28The majority of voters either didn’t know what I meant by realignment or didn’t believe realignment should ever occur in baseball.

For those who don’t know what it means, realignment refers to the rearranging of the divisions in baseball, like moving the Red Sox to the AL West.

Some even think it’s time to return to the old way of doing it with just two leagues and no divisions (top 4 make the playoffs).

I actually wouldn’t mind that way of doing it — scrapping the divisions. It would make up for the situation that baseball has today with three of the best teams in one division but only two of them can possibly make the playoffs.

News broke yesterday that Dave Eiland finally will make his return to the Yankees Tuesday, which leads me to my next poll.

Poll: Will Eiland’s return cure Burnett’s pitching sickness?

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