June 14, 2010

Poll Results: Teixeira’s lineup spot in question

poll results26The fans couldn’t reach an agreement in my latest poll, as 38 percent voted to move Mark Teixeira down in the lineup and 35 percent thought the idea was crazy. The other 25 percent predicted a lineup shift in the near future.

I think this idea lost its buzz when Alex Rodriguez missed the weekend with tendonitis in his hip flexor. Without him, there would have to have been more movement in the lineup than before and Teixeira gained more responsibility.

Teixeira happens to be on a six-game hitting streak, but his batting average isn’t surging like we’d all hope. He’s currently at a season-high .229, but his on-base and slugging percentages are still well below those of Brett Gardner’s — not to discredit his great start, but we’re talking about Mark Teixeira here.

I think the Yankees need to secretly set a goal for Tex. If he doesn’t reach .250/.360/.400 by the All-Star break, he flip-flops with Robinson Cano in the order, who is on track for a batting title and possibly an MVP Award. More on that man later today.

So what do you think? Am I crazy for setting a goal for Teixeira?

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