June 14, 2010

Cano showing signs of maturity

Robinson Cano wrapped his arm around Ramiro Pena in the dugout yesterday, recognizing his batting average is probably double Pena’s and could use some encouragement. It looked as though Cano was giving advice to the utility infielder just three years younger than him. Sure enough, Pena strolled into first with a two-run single in his next at-bat.

Cano is already a six-year veteran in the league and quickly becoming another Yankee great. This year he’s put the offense on his back.
Robinson Cano stats

Quite literally, in fact. That (above) is Cano leading the Yanks in batting average, home runs, RBIs, OBP and hits. He’s one of two players in the majors to be leading his team in all five categories. The other? Justin Morneau.

His impact has pushed his team in a tie for first in the division and sole possession of first in ESPN’s power rankings. This year Cano has solidified his stardom throughout baseball, and the country, as shown by the latest All-Star ballot results.

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