June 7, 2010

Teixeira falls behind Morneau in All-Star voting

Fans have finally come to their senses. I don’t know whether it’s Yankees fans getting angry with Mark Teixeira, or if it’s the rest of the country realizing just how good a season Justin Morneau is having. Either way, fans have righted a wrong.

Morneau has taken over the lead at first base for the 2010 All-Star Game.

Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano still lead at their respective positions, while Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada are in second trailing by wide margins. Here’s a full All-Star ballot update:

First base Votes   Second base Votes
Justin Morneau 973,563   Robinson Cano 1,293,724
Mark Teixeira 931,405   Dustin Pedroia 725,081
Third base Votes   Shortstop Votes
Evan Longoria 1,403,566   Derek Jeter 1,554,781
Alex Rodriguez 956,419   Elvis Andrus 695,957
Catcher Votes   Outfield Votes
Joe Mauer 1,886,188   Ichrio Suzuki 918,730
Jorge Posada 624,898   Nelson Cruz 809,902
      Carl Crawford 806,202
DH Votes   Josh Hamilton 697,993
Vladimir Guerrero 1,210,521   Nick Swisher 587,977
Hideki Matsui 638,237   Torii Hunter 575,044

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