July 2, 2010

Adam Dunn a good fit with Yankees?

In Jon Heyman’s latest column he cited one anonymous GM guessing Adam Dunn “could be a fit” with the Yankees or Angels.

“Could you imagine him at Yankee Stadium?'” another observed. The Yankees' offense has suffered a bit after losing Damon and Hideki Matsui during the offseason and with Nick Johnson out for an undetermined length, so Dunn might look pretty good batting sixth in the Bronx.

First, let me be clear that I am not insinuating the Yankees and Nationals are discussing a possible deal — it’s pure speculation from one GM. Dunn has been linked to the Yankees in the past, so who knows, maybe the GM was just basing his guess off that.

Still, I wonder if the Yankees should target him this offseason. As Heyman said, he would be a great DH option and No. 6 hitter. The only problem with this is Jorge Posada’s health.

With Posada and Francisco Cervelli splitting time behind the dish evenly, acquiring Dunn would mean a lot less playing time for Posada.

Dunn is not a DH/bench guy. He’s 30 years old and his career is a model of consistency. Over the last six years, he’s posted between 38 and 46 homers with an OBP ranging from .365 to .398 and between 165 and 195 strikeouts. Not to mention, he hasn’t missed significant time since 2003. He’s an everyday player, no question about it.

He’d also be just a 2-3 month rental at the price of a top prospect (my guess).

Bottom line: Unless the Yankees want to take a serious cut into Posada’s playing time, they should not be going after Dunn at the deadline.

But what do you think?

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