July 11, 2010

Bob Sheppard, ‘Voice of God’ dead at 99

“Now batting for the Yankees, the shortstop, number two, Der-ek Je-ter, number two.”

Every time I hear those words a shiver runs down my back.

Jeter will always walk to the plate at Yankee Stadium to Bob Sheppard’s voice, whether it was a recording or the “Voice of God” himself.

Sheppard, 99, passed away this morning as one of the most, if not the most, renowned PA announcers of all time.

Here is a tribute made to Sheppard from May 7, 2000, known as Bob Sheppard Day.

He was an incredible man, and the Yankees will surely have him in their hearts when they play today. I will too. I’ll post player reactions when they become available.

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