July 9, 2010

Yankees rotation rolling recently

The Yankees are proving why starting pitching is the most valuable asset to a team. They've almost completed a full cycle through the rotation of brilliant starts. The last four starts all have a few things in common, but one fact stands out the most.

Pitcher Dec. IP H ER BB K
Javier Vazquez W 7 3 1 2 2
CC Sabathia W 7.2 7 1 3 10
A.J. Burnett W 7 5 2 2 3
Andy Pettitte W 8 5 1 4 9

Although longevity is nothing to complain about, the most important thing is the W each starter has posted. Limiting the opposition to one or two runs every night will result in a ton of wins. I don't want to get too excited about this since we are talking about the Athletics and Mariners - two of the weakest offenses in baseball - but it's still quite impressive.

Phil Hughes will need to continue this stretch of great starts against June's AL Pitcher of the Month Cliff Lee tonight.

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