July 9, 2010

Fans weigh in on Lee-Yankees deal

The Yankees haven’t finalized anything yet, but when Joel Sherman, Buster Olney and Mark Feinsand are reporting a deal is imminent it’s looking like a done deal.

To clarify, the expected deal is (links to career stats):

Yankees Get

Cliff Lee

Yankees Give to Mariners

Jesus Montero, David Adams, Zach McAllister

Here’s what my Twitter followers thought of the deal. See below for a few of my responses.

Consensus: 66% are all for it, 22% want more moves after the deal is made and 11% think it’s unnecessary.
twitter responses

@twittel1 – Interesting idea to put Vazquez in the bullpen rather than Phil Hughes. I’d prefer to trade Vazquez to restore some of the prospects they would lose in the Lee deal. 

Adding another bat would be nice, but when you have pitching like the Yankees (CC, Lee, Pettitte, A.J. & Hughes) you can get away with the hitting they’ve already got (an MVP favorite, Jeter, A-Rod & Tex).

@dylan555 – Two points. First: Even if it is just a rental the World Series is for the Yankees to lose. Best rotation in baseball + a surging offense + Mo = Deadly. Second: Even if the Yankees don’t get a window to re-sign Lee once they get him, they’ll still have an exclusive window to sign him in the offseason. Do you expect any other teams to push for Lee as hard as the Yankees will this offseason no matter if this deal gets done?

@Deka002 – You might be right, but it seems Brian Cashman doesn’t want to put things to chance.

My Overall Take:
You guessed it, I’m FOR the trade. For once, the Yankees finally have depth in their organization and can afford to trade some prospects without cleaning the whole system.

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