August 20, 2010

Lupica: Padres’ success more impressive than Yankees’

I beg to differ.

Infamous New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica wrote a column praising the Padres for nearly matching the Yankees’ success this year despite spending $173 million less on players.

Bla bla bla … the Yankees are evil … bla bla bla.

Lupica forgot to mention one thing, and it seemed fairly obvious to me: Strength of schedule.

Yes, only a game-and-a-half separates the Friars and the Yanks, but the Yankees play the two toughest teams in baseball (besides themselves) more than most teams. Let’s compare divisions, shall we?

Yankees 75 46 .620 Padres 73 47 .608
Rays 74 47 .612 Giants 68 54 .557
Red Sox 69 53 .566 Rockies 62 58 .517
Blue Jays 63 57 .525 Dodgers 62 60 .508
Orioles 43 79 .352 Diamondbacks 47 75 .385
Total 324 282 .535 Total 312 294 .515

If you look at the MLB RPI rankings, the Yankees are well in front of the Padres in strength of schedule and are a few spots ahead in RPI.

So there.

P.S.: The last sentence of Lupica’s column will crack you up, unless you’re a Mets fan.

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