August 11, 2010

Montero a hot topic after latest surge

Jesus Montero has made quite a stir on the Yankee blogosphere with his latest hitting tear for the Scranton Yanks. In his last three games, he has two homers, including a walk-off, five RBIs and nine hits.

The idea of a promotion to the bigs is being discussed on four of the biggest Yankees blogs:

But perhaps the strongest advocator of calling up Montero came from a new blogger, Alex Taffet. He suggested the Yankees DFA Chad Gaudin to make room for Montero so he can be eligible for the postseason roster*. He argued Montero’s offensive upgrade over Francisco Cervelli outweighs Cervelli’s superior (but not by much) defense.

My Take:
Back in preseason, I predicted Montero would start 15 games this season. In order to do that, he’ll need to get called up pretty soon. I’ll stand by my prediction, and I expect he’ll be getting a phone call any day now — but not just because of my prediction.

Post All-Star break Montero is hitting .413/.473/.775 in 23 games. It seems he’s figured out Triple-A pitching and isn’t going to learn anything else there on the offensive end. I know, I know. It’s the defense that’s keeping him back. But I’ve been saying all along I think he’ll learn a ton about catching from the Yankees’ coaching staff (Joe Girardi and Tony Pena).

*To be eligible for the postseason roster, a player must be on the 25-man roster as of midnight on Aug. 31, or be on a MLB disabled list.

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