August 12, 2010

Sticking up for Berkman

Judging from the latest poll results, fans are strongly against Lance Berkman hitting second in the Yankee lineup. Those who listened to my segment on a radio show yesterday heard that I have strong hopes for Berkman down the stretch.

With a late-season push, I believe Berkman can hit his way to the No. 2 spot in the Yankee lineup. His main competition will be Nick Swisher, who’s been raking in the second half.

My only problem with Swish lately is his on-base percentage has declined significantly (.377 first half, .330 second half). But his production has still increased, making him better fit for a No. 6 slot, protecting Robinson Cano.

Neither Swisher nor Berkman are particularly fast players, but when both are playing well, they’re great at getting on base. I think when Berkman heats up with the Yanks Joe Girardi should flip flop these two in the lineup.

Berkman’s age might be showing in his stats lately, but a long, long track record says he’ll still find ways to get on base at a high rate.

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