August 19, 2010

Sometimes, the picture says it all

8.18 Amazing SkyI’ve learned a picture is worth a thousand words. The one above is no exception, as it sums up my night at Yankee Stadium beautifully. It only left out one thing.

The Kafafian Group knows how to party!

I was invited to attend last night’s Tigers-Yankees game by Jeff Marsico, a bank consultant in The Kafafian Group who follows my blog, and it was a no-brainer for me to accept. After all, I had never enjoyed the luxury of a party suite at Yankee Stadium.

Jeff and I met around 6 p.m. at Gate 4, and we hit it off from the moment we shook hands. He introduced me to his boss and his co-workers, who were all extremely pleasant to meet and be around, and then we made it to the suite.

8.18 Party Suite Complete with a table of hot dogs, pizza, chicken, popcorn an open bar and, of course, name tags, the suite was a success!

The only thing I’ve left out was the game, which I guess was OK too.

The first inning featured back-to-back homers from Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano, both of which were hit directly at our seats, and warnings issued to both teams.

In the second inning … just kidding. Not that it wasn’t exciting, but I’m not going to bore you through what you’ve probably already heard by now.

My memory of last night won’t be the game — even though six homers were hit and my team won — it will be the conversations I had with the new friends I made.

Despite most leaving a little early, they were the ones who made the night, not the stars on the field.

And how about a little icing on the cake?

Mmm. Good.

Thanks again, Jeff! For more pictures from last night, check out my blog’s Facebook page!

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