August 16, 2010

Yankees bullpen is hot, hot, hot!

The Yankees are off to their worst start to a month this season, but it’s not because of their bullpen. In fact, of their eight losses in August, the only one lost by a reliever was when Mariano Rivera allowed a walk-off homer to the Rangers.

The big four that have made the most difference are Boone Logan, David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain and Kerry Wood. Here’s a look at all four of their great stretches:

Player Since G IP K BB ERA
Logan 7/21 12 8.2 9 1 0.00
Robertson 7/4 16 15.2 21 9 0.00
Chamberlain 7/28 9 8.2 6 3 0.00
Wood 8/1 6 7.0 9 4 1.28
This is absolutely great to see down the stretch for the Yankees. Let’s just hope they haven’t caught fire too early.

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