September 13, 2010

After sweep, road ahead doesn’t get easier

The Yankees were swept by a playoff-bound team this weekend and the Rangers did it with two walk-off wins. Trust me, it was a great weekend to put my mind on other things for once.

I warned you before the series with the Rangers it was going to be a poor precursor for a possible playoff matchup. I stand by my point.

When the weekend nightmare finally ended, I figured I’d take a look at the Yankees’ schedule. They only have 19 games left! Can you believe it?

Now what if I told you all of those games were against AL East opponents? Well, they are. And 12 of which are against Tampa Bay or Boston.

Despite getting swept, the Yankees still hold a slim half-game lead in the division, but that can quickly change when they go head-to-head with the team right on their rear.

My key to surviving these final 19 games is health. The Yankees were banged up this past weekend. The effects of playing a 143 games are starting to show on players, especially the older ones. If the Yankees can regain their health and get Andy Pettitte to return in fifth gear, this past weekend’s nightmare will be forgotten.

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