September 18, 2010

Cashman: Healthy players in playoffs means more than winning division

The Yankee U’s Steve S. wrote a great piece on why the Yankees should not overextend themselves to win the division, and Brian Cashman added to Steve’s point yesterday.

“I’ve been beaten by a wild-card Red Sox team in ’04,” Cashman said. “I’ve been beaten by a wild-card Florida Marlins in the World Series in ’03. I’m not saying give me the wild card. I’m just saying we’ve got to realize perspective. We’re in this to try to win a World Series. If we don’t, people remember that we didn’t more than whatever we did.”

Then Cashman pointed out that the health of Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher for the postseason is more important to the Yankees than winning the division.

He’s absolutely right.

As Steve suggested, facing either the Twins or the Rangers will be a tough task. If I were the Yankees, I would rather face the Rangers — I didn’t think last series was a good preview for a postseason matchup — but not by much.

Why are the Yankees playing tonight and not today? Only one day game on a Saturday is awful.

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