September 9, 2010

The Jeter Question

This question came up a few days ago in an RAB mailbag, and writer Mike Axisa said there was “zero” chance of Derek Jeter retiring after this year. I begged to differ, so I commented.

Why are you discounting the idea Jeter could retire after this season? At what point in his career has he hinted he cares about personal milestones? He has five rings. I’m not saying he should or will retire, but I’m giving it more than a zero percent chance of happening.

The only responses I got were along the lines of, “Who would walk away from 3,000 hits and $50 million?” My response: Judging by the way Jeter has always talked with the media, I think he could care less about those two big numbers.

A few big links on Jeter’s future:

Nobody seems to think he’ll retire, but why isn’t anyone bringing it up as a possibility? He’s got what he’s always wanted: a handful of rings. He has more money than God, but he’s not one to be greedy.

Can you imagine Jeter asking for more money than the Yankees offer in contract negotiations this offseason? He’d tarnish his own reputation of being a selfless player all about the team winning. I can’t believe he would do such a thing.

I think if he believes he can’t help the team win anymore, he’ll retire. That just sounds like something Jeter would say.

I think Jeter’s image is who he really is.

I really don’t know what to make of this either, but I know for certain he will never play with another team. He’ll either get an extension or retire.

For now, I’ll say he comes back for $50M/3 yrs, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he retires. Neither should you.

What do you think will wind up happening with the captain?

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