September 15, 2010

Yankees playing thrilling baseball lately

If you haven’t seen it, Greg Golson’s game-ending play last night for the Yankees is well worth waiting for the 10-second ad on

A Little Context: The Yankees led the Rays, 6-0, in the fifth, but it took a 10th-inning homer from Jorge Posada to even the series at 1 and put the Yankees back atop the AL East.

More Context: The Yankees lost a true pitchers’ duel the night before, also in extras, as CC Sabathia and David Price delivered Cy Young-like starts.

Sabathia is still considered by most (me too) as the leader for the Cy Young Award, especially now that Felix Hernandez’s workload will be monitored. But who really knows after my post yesterday.

A Lot More Context: Five of the Yankees’ last six games ended with a one-run winning margin. All five were decided in free baseball, but the Yankees won just two of them. That’s a lot of intense baseball in seven days.

Bottom Line: I’ve been extremely busy with my college newspaper lately, please marvel here, but for now I am definitely back. I’ll be perfectly honest; I didn’t catch a wink of football over opening weekend, not even my Giants (lenNY’s Giants? Maybe down the road).

My focus is purely on the Yankees until they’re eliminated. If they’re ever eliminated, that is.

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