October 8, 2010

Berkman always had good postseason stats

I meant to write this before the postseason but schoolwork prevented me from doing so (and now of course I don’t get to look like a genius for saying what I’m about to say). The fact is, Lance Berkman has always been good in the postseason, which is why I wasn’t shocked to see him carry the offense in Game 2 last night.

Last night he broke a tie with the Twins on a homer and another tie with an RBI double. Here’s what he’s done in his career.

For his career, he’s hitting .321/.426/.566 in the postseason in just more than 100 at-bats.

According to Andy Pettitte, Berkman told him he had made a small change at the plate that gave him a lot of confidence to hit line drives. This seems to be the case.

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