October 1, 2010

I can’t believe what I received in the mail

Thanks so much, MLB Insiders Club! You’ve convinced me to never become a “paid lifetime member” by sending me this official program for a series that reminds me of the lowest time of my life.

For those who don’t know what MLB Insiders Club is, it’s pretty much your ticket to several free gifts featuring giant MLB Insiders Club logos that you’ll never want to flaunt anywhere on earth.

The easiest way to begin this bombardment of mail is by typing in your contact information on this page and then by clicking the join button.

See, look what they’ll send you…
insiders club stuff insiders club bag
insiders club bag
…for $28.75 (my parents must’ve paid them).

I have much, much more items like these at home that I didn’t think to bring with me to my college dorm. How did I forget!?

Now they want me to pay for a “paid lifetime membership” that will get me a team jacket, complete with, of course, a giant MLB Insiders Club logo on the sleeve. I think I’ll pass.

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