October 25, 2010

Poll Results: Girardi to return as manager

poll results45My latest poll was pretty much answered mid-week when the Cubs announced their manager for 2011 and the Yankees said they “absolutely” want Joe Girardi back in pinstripes.

Jon Heyman even reported Girardi will likely receive a raise. Here’s a critique on Girardi from the Post’s Joel Sherman.

I’m not really content with Girardi at the helm, but I’m not sure who’s a better option out there. I’d say there’s a 90 percent chance Girardi’s back next year.

OK, so for the first poll of the offseason I’d like to draw the attention back to the 2011 lineup.

Poll: Where should Cano hit in the lineup?

(Feel free to include an explanation in the comments after you vote; this is a highly debated topic among fans.)

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